Please read and click next button if you agree with the statement below before you proceed to fill you application form.

‘IAU will not be liable in any way for any loss, injury, sickness or damage that might be caused by third parties that I may suffer while participating in the program, or which results in any way during my participation in the program.

I am aware and accept that IAU is not responsible for any other liabilities other than organizing and conducting this program. I declare that the information presented in this application and the accompanying documentation is true and correct. I understand that the IAU Academic Relations Office may terminate my application or nomination for the program if I have misrepresented my past and/or present circumstances.

I authorize IAU staff to make relevant enquiries to verify my application, and should I be approved to go on the program, to provide the necessary information to the required institutions for the purpose of arranging my participation.

I am aware that I have the right to either transfer to another course or receive a full refund if my course selection is either no longer available or has been cancelled by IAU.’

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